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A Judaism that's part of the 21st Century

Though Jews have a huge appreciation for the past, and they live very much in the present Judaism is very much future-oriented.

Food for thought

What makes a Jew, a Jew

Judaism's most important Mitzvah

"The mission of the Jewish people has never been to make the world more Jewish but to make it more human." (Elie Wiesel)

The Medieval Jews of the Iberian Peninsula

There are truths and there are lies

Jewish Religion in the 21st Century

Judaism exists to help human beings to cope with life, to make sense of the world in which we live.

it is not the exposition of ideas which is meaningful but the performance of deeds

Jewish Marriage

Marriage is a sublime promise made between two human beings in love.

The promise to be sensitive to the other’s needs as one would be to one’s own;

The opening of trust that allows for shared intimacy;

It opens a new world ruled by a principle which in Judaism is called “hesed.”

The untranslatable word “hesed” encapsulates all those interpersonal values Judaism considers the highest in life: Love, respect, care, trust, loyalty, and responsibility.

And, the understanding that marriage initiates life together as a family in the community

The Hebrew scriptures

Israel’s Foundational Literature (commonly known as The Hebrew Scriptures (The TaNaKh-the Bible) defines who Israel is.

It is its foundational literature because, besides giving Israel its identity, it is the measure against which every idea or concept that is considered Jewish is measured.

The TaNaKh frames the way the people of Israel look at the world, the values it holds dear, and its ideals and vision.

Animals play or gamble; human beings celebrate

The Festivals are the sacred days that express the unique teachings of Judaism fostering them and transmitting them to the generations to come. Each festival has its distinct philosophy, its own historical referent, and its special observances.”

Rabbi Isaac Klein

Rabbi Moshe Pitchon