21st Century Judaism: The Future of Judaism

Judaism’s future today depends more than ever on whether it withdraws into the ghetto and leaves the world to its fate, or whether it has the will to continue the discussion in which the world is engaged.

What is 21st Century Judaism?

It is the conviction that Judaism today is not the medieval understanding of Judaism that one way or the other still serves as the model of all forms of Judaism today

Any understanding of Jewish identity today must recognize the post-ethnic trends that erode boundaries. The need for Jewishness to provide more personal meaningful, fulfilling, responsible lives

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Each Jew knows how thoroughly ordinary he is. Yet, he also knows that he or she are part of a history which puts Jews in the forefront of every decent human movement

Judaism in Transition

Jewry and Judaism are in the midst of a systemic shift in identity, belief, and practice

The Future

Jews feel impelled to live for posterity.

We understand that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but that we borrow it from our children

The Jewish Mission

has never been to make the world more Jewish, but to make it more human

Jewish wisdom consists in knowing what to do with what it knows

What does Judaism knows? Join a growing movement of people around the world who are learning from the experiences of the Jewish people and applying what they learn to live meaningful and responsible lives

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Something New is Happening

A new generation is posited to change Judaism in the 21st century. This compelling narrative provides ample food for thought and discussion. A true eye-opener available now in English and Spanish

What Does the future look like?

the tribe, the ethnicity, the community, the culture must not die, but assume a new course in order to thrive. Far from arguing that her people should join non- Jews in some mainstream view of reality, the future Jew argues that an end to the Jewish saga would be an incalculable loss to the world. The accomplishments of the Jewish people through the millennia add up to a great civilization. Civilizations, to survive, must periodically embark on new phases.

we must stop making a fetish of past suffering and focus on creating a Jewish future […] many Diaspora and Israeli Jews fear the future and use the past, not as an inspiration, but as an excuse not to deal with the future.

Unique Programs to Inspire and to Learn

Rabin Moshe Pitchon

Judaism is what the Jewish people learn through their experiences

Rabbi Moshe Pitchon


Provocative Webinars

From questions of identity to confronting sectarianism, thinking Jewishly to reviewing the past, considering the present and looking to the future, rabbi Moshe Pitchon's webinars are refreshing innovative and provocatively awakening


Marriage, the Jewish way

For thousands of years the Jewish wedding ceremony has been one of the most meaningful and emotive moments in starting two peoples lives together.
We are producing 21st century ceremonies that combine new sensibilities with eternal messages."Your wedding, Your way," we are here to help and assist.


Sephardism is one of the Jewish attitudes to life. It is characterized by its optimism, enjoyment of life and dynamism The Meriane Albagli Geni Cassorla for Sephardic Development in the 21st Century looks at the future contributions of Sephardism with an array of different programs, scholarships and grants.


Without being next to those who need support, without being witness, without being the voice of those that have lost it, without tzedaka, there is no Judaism possible. Yes, there are unarguable core Jewish values.

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