Moshe Pitchon
Jewish Position

I hold the base position that Judaism is the result of the accumulated and distilled experiences of the Jewish people throughout the millennials of its existence.

Its primary purpose is to serve human needs, a task that has successfully and consistently kept on performing and, that explains in large measure the reason for its perdurance and continuation.

The foundational values harvest during the first thousand years of its existence had been codified in the TaNaKh, Judaism’s foundational literature. This literature not only provides the values but also the language and vocabulary of the Jewish people, (mitzvah, hesed, tzedek, rahmanut…) thus, knowledge of the TaNaKh and Hebrew are  basics in Jewish education.

The understanding of God’s role in the world evolves with each generational and historical experience and becomes private between the individual and God (“beyn adam la- Makom”)

Personal Details

A Jewish thinker and Bible scholar with five decades of experience as

 Jewish educator, researcher, community organizer, and rabbi. Committed to provide a vision for Judaism in the 21st century and transfer accumulated knowledge and experience to the new generations.

Home-based in South Florida, USA. Born in 1948 in Buenos Aires, Argentina from war refugee parents from France and Turkey. 47 years married with Israeli wife. We have two daughters born in the USA. Oldest married, living in Switzerland is an entrepreneur, and has twins. Youngest is a music producer living in Miami

Academic and Professional Positions

University Professor.

Jewish school principal.

Community Rabbi.


Hillel advisor on Campus

Jewish Youth Camp Director


Jewish Charity Fundraiser

Jewish Community Representative




Philosophy at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Rabbinics at the Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano in Buenos Aires and  Jerusalem. Bible at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

With Professor Martin buber (Z"l) in Jerusalem 1965

Had the immense opportunity to study and meet with some of the greatest Rabbis and Professors of the 20th century in Jerusalem, New York, and Buenos Aires.

Among them Rabbi Jacob Agus (ten years of correspondence between Dr. Agus and M. Pitchon form part of the collection at the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York), Rabbi Theodore Friedman, Professor Haim Avni, (HUJ) Professor Yosef Ben-Shlomoh (HUJ), Rabbi Seymour Siegel (JTS), Rabbi Isaac Klein (JTS), Professor Hayim Avni (HUJ), Rabbi Mordejai Edery (SRL), Rabbi Haim Asa, Rabbi Saadia Benzaquen (SRL), Professor Yosef Ben-Shlomo (HUJ), Professor Severino Croatto (UBA)








1972- 1973

Served as full-time consultant for Jewish studies in Porto Alegre Brazil and taught Jewish philosophy at the Pontificial Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul


Rabbi of the Sephardic Community of Santiago, Chile

The 32, 000 Jewish community of Chile was undergoing an unprecedented crisis due to the disintegration of the country. There was a massive migration of Jews in the months following the election of President Salvador Allende . Between 6,000 and 8,000 Jews left the country for fear of the establishment of a Marxist government like those in Eastern Europe. Among the emigres were all the country’s rabbis who were Holocaust survivors. The Sephardic community appealed to rabbi Pitchon to help avoid the community’s disappearance.

At the time there was barely a minyan at the synagogue on Shabbat, no school or educational programs.  Thanks to its unwavering energy and dedication the CISS under Rabbi Pitchon’s leadership created one of the most amazing revitalizing programs created by a Jewish community in a similar situation.


Youth Director

With the assistance of local parents, the National Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) and using the model of Camp Ramah and Shlomo Bardin’s Brandeis Institute rabbi Pitchon created the 1,000 members “Ariel” youth group and summer camp and the 600 members “Atid” college group.

Jewish Community Representative

Hosting Chile's Government Ruling Junta Member, General Cesar Mendoza

The leftist government of Allende was toppled by a military Junta. Rabbi Pitchon conducted the delicate relationships between the Jewish community and the Chilean government. It also played a humanitarian role in working together with the Israeli Embassy in Chile to free Jewish political prisoners.

Rabbi Pitchon also served as chaplain of the Fire Department.

Fire Department Chaplain, with the 9th chief of staff of the IDF,general David Elazar (Z"l) and Israel's Ambassador to Chile Moshe A. Tov (Z'l)

Professor of Jewish Philosophy at the University of Chile

1978-1982- Southern California-USA

Hillel Counselor on Campus at Cal. State Fullerton and Cal State Irvine in California, USA

Served as rabbi of Conservative synagogues in Southern California and as Hebrew School Principal

1982-current- Southern Florida-USA

Rabbi 21st Century Judaism

Voluntary officiating at ceremonies of those in need

Bar Mitzvah

Mesader Kiddushin

Mesader Kidushin

Teaching and Lecturing


President of Friends of Ziv Medical Center USA

At Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat Northern Israel

Dr. Salman Zarka Director General of Israel’s Northernmost Hospital, Ziv Medical Center

Hollywood Media Tycoon and Philanthropist Haim Saban

Conducting campaign to provide funds to Ziv Medical Center to help civilian casualties of Syria’s civil war seeking Israel’s assistance

Dr. Basel Termanini, VP Syrian American Medical Society, Dr. Salman Zarka, Director General of Ziv Medical Center (Sefad, Israel), Rabbi Moshe Pitchon, Pastor Nilsa Alvarez, Professor Robert G. Rabil, Dr. Meron Levitats, Reverend Charles Burge. Symposium at FAU to help Syrian civilian refugees

Interfaith Activities

Black Pastors Association
Pastor Mario Bramnick (Latino Coalition for Israel)
A conversation withShaikh Shafayat Mohamed on Alhikmat TV
Pastor Mark Hattabaugh
Dr. Rafael Gottenger (right), VP of the Venezuelan American Medical Association. Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez, Founder of Churches in Action.
Matthew Absalon of Beth T'fillah and Pastor Abraham Rivera
At Christians United for Israel in Washington DC
Koftan Halabi =, head of the Druze Veteran association

Community Representation

US Congress

Raisin consciousness about the plight of the Venezuelan refugees

Florida Representative Donna Shalala
United Nations-Geneva-Switzerland
Pedro Agustin Valencia Consul General de Colombia
Senator Bob Menendez
Lior Haiat, Consul General of Israel in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Puerto Rico
Marcelo M. Giusto Consul General of Argentina in Miami


Published regularly in the United States, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, in French, Spanish, English and Portuguese

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Reader's Review


Thank you, dear Moshe, for another enriching dvar Torah. I am grateful for your insights, and challenged by your comments. Indeed, a moral and just society is an example throughout the book of Bereshit. So much so, that Yaakov’s blessing to Shimon and Levi reflects the importance of living a life filled with ethics and tolerance, even more than zealotry. An example to be followed especially nowadays. Eliane S. Meyer Amis des Invalides de Tzahal Beit Halohem – Genève, Switzerland

Los Angeles, California

Nice essay, Moshe. Good and solid thinking, Independent assessment of our people and our traditions and our culture. Jesha Krejner Re: Reading the Book of Exodus December 28, 2013


Dear Moshe, I wanted to let you know that we have posted your article on Hebron at the Jewish Voice. I had hoped it would be up before Shabbat, but your ideas are such that they remain important even if they did not coincide with Chaye Sara. Thank you for the insightful piece. Rabbi David M. Levin [email protected]


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Just wanted you to know that we are reading your weekly postings. We find them VERY interesting and thought provoking. Dr. Luisa Sztern March 25, 2016 Miami, Fl.


“Esclarecedor! Obrigada pelos ensinamentos querido Moshe! Shalom” 18 Junho 2015 Paloma Garcia Franceschi Brazil


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Je ne sais par quel heureux hasard votre texte nous parvient à la rédaction de JForum. Nous allons le faire paraître, si vous le voulez, et je pense que c’est l’objet même de votre envoi. Nous sommes tout à fait intéressé par ce type de textes sous notre rubrique Torah. Sachez que nous vous ouvrons nos colonnes et vous proposons de nous écrire plus régulièrement. Par avance, merci Cordialement. Moshe Cohen Saban November 5, 2014 Jforum France

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