Young Sephardic Entrepreneurs Forum

Ten Days

of panels, workshops, keynotes and networking events bringing together top Sephardic business entrepreneurs from around the world sharing their amazing stories of success, growth strategies and innovation insights and young Sephardic starter-ups from around the world. 

The Meriane Albagli Geni Cassorla Institute

supports young Sephardic entrepreneurs and innovators across the world. The Young-Sephardic Entrepreneurs Forum is to help young, entrepreneurs and start-uppers to increase their entrepreneurship ideas, share experiences and provide with new opportunities through a structured, positive, and professional platform that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality Sephardic business professionals and others.

A Choose-And-Pick Platform

The ‘choose-and-pick’ platform provides a zone where generations of Sephardic entrepreneurs from around the world, interact, network and share their knowledge, experiences and visions.


  • to develop the skills of young Sephardic entrepreneurs to realize sustainable communication and innovative ideas;
  • to provide an environment for young Sephardic entrepreneurs to make their ideas heard to the different stakeholders and professional entrepreneurs;
  • to create an opportunity for keeping sustainable partnership relationships between seasoned Sephardic entrepreneurs and young Sephardic starters.

the forum

The forum is open to everybody but you must pre-register. Capacity is limited for each event, so registration is based on first-come, first-served basis. The total schedule of events and speakers list is mailed to registered participants

Your network is your net worth

Knowing many people from all over the world. 

Specially if you share their same background, 

opens doors and creates opportunities like nothing else

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