What is 21st Century Judaism.com?

21st Century Judaism.com  is a project launched by rabbi Moshe Pitchon, based upon the understanding that it is impossible to face the realities and challenges facing Judaism in the 21st century with thinking models cast centuries ago.

21st Century Judaism is the view that Judaism today is not the medieval understanding of Judaism that one way or the other still serves as the model of all current forms of Judaism.

The challenges

Jews are marrying non-Jews, but not necessarily abandoning Judaism, while many Jews marrying Jews are unplugging their lives altogether from Judaism.

The opportunities

Some centuries have been periods of waiting and even of confusion, in which the best the Jews could do was simply to maintain the community and live with their past heritage.

This is not an age of waiting, of looking for answers. Instead, it is one of giving them. Jews have to look at their 3500 years plus advantage of learning from their achievements and errors.

To synchronize with21st-century reality the experiences learned by the Jewish people in the past, it is necessary to review the way we think.

The Significance of

Judaism today

 “does not lie in its being conducive to the survival of this particular people but in its being a source of spiritual wealth, a source of meaning relevant to all people.”

— Rabbi A. J. Heschel