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You argue that historical events and processes reflect God’s plan and that, correctly interpreted, these historical events are God’s instruction on what Jews should do.


As you explain, history is God’s means of communicating with his people. And, because of your religious lifestyle, only you are qualified to decode the mysteries of the divine in politics, understand the significance of the present moment, and see how the past and future are connected.


In your understanding, the Holocaust, the creation of the State of Israel, the Six-Day War, and the Yom Kippur War are all clear messages sent by God to the Jewish people.


Many of your rabbis have proclaimed as loudly as possible that we are in the midst of a messianic era in which the Land of Israel is liberated not only from political adversaries but also from a mystical force which embodies evil, defilement, and moral corruption” the sitra ahra (the “other side,” the “devil’s camp”).


You claim that the state of Israel is inherently holy,’ that is yours, religiously, historically, and in practical terms. You say that when the biblical prophet Joshua ben Nun entered the land (after wandering forty years in the desert), he sent three messages to its inhabitants: those who want to accept our rule will accept; those who wish to leave will leave; those who want to fight will fight. The basis of his strategy was: We are here, we have come, this is ours. Three doors will be open; there is no fourth door. Those who want to leave – and there will be those who leave – I will help them. When they have no hope and no vision, they will go. As they did in 1948.”


            This thinking, of course, has encouraged you to try to turn over the principles and laws that the founders of the country you now live bequeathed you.


            So allow me to try to understand a little bit better and ask, according to your way of thinking- what message did God send when he empowered a rag-tag army of sub-human beings to terrorize, butcher families in cold blood, kidnap, and torture women, children, grandmothers in wheelchairs pulled from their homes and carried as hostages? What exactly is God’s message through all this savagery and suffering?


I have tremendous difficulty understanding the God you claim to represent,  ordering Palestinians to put a six-year-old kidnapped Israeli boy in a circle of Gazan children who were told to bully and terrorize him, he while stood there helpless “because of our sins.”


Probably you are going to say- as you usually do about the Holocaust, the Yom Kippur War, Covid, and so on, that that’s God’s punishing Jews for not eating kosher and putting tefillin and allowing women to be seen in public places with their hair uncovered and even worst serving in the Israeli army or singing in public.


            However, couldn’t exist the possibility, according to your theological line of thought, that for the past eight months, God had been sending hundreds of thousands of those you don’t recognize as your brothers and sisters to convey the message that He doesn’t approve your trying to enforce your way of life on others? And even more to tell you that He disapproves of your assault on the values and institutions responsible for creating the state where you now live?


It could be said that maybe God chose the cruelest people he could find on earth and unleashed them in the country you were trying to take over to get you to understand that the path you’ve been trying to enforce is not His path.

Yes, many Palestinians are monsters, but not all Palestinians are monsters the same way that many Germans were Nazis, but not all Germans are Nazis.

Sure, the Palestinians haven’t missed a single opportunity to make things worse for themselves, and probably now they made the greatest mistake of their national existence. But, the Palestinians will not disappear any time soon, and willy nilly, the two people-Israelis and Palestinians- will have to learn to live together despite themselves.


It may take time, maybe even generations. Still, the situation will not get better if you continue to spread hate instead of working for ways to live together with the Palestinian people, even despite themselves. The Germans and Japanese did it; why wouldn’t the Palestinians also learn one day to live together in harmony with the rest of the world?

If there is a message from God, it is: “Shape up, learn to live together, or expose yourself and your children to the kind of nightmare I have brought you today.”