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The MAGC Jewish Studies Institute

Education is the greatest investment we can make in our future as Jews


Even though a personclaims nothing for himself, he commits a sin against human right and dignity if he does nothing for others.

Rabbi Leo Baeck

Love your neighbor as yourself (even if he or she is not like yourself)

The root meaning of the Hebrew term tzedakah is not akin to that of charity or philanthropy. Tzedakah is derived from a root which means “righteousness” or “justice.” Hence, Jewish tradition has always emphasized that the specific act of contributing for the welfare of the community is an  act of justice

“On the High Holy Days we’re reminded that tzedakah (charity) will “lessen the severity of the decree”; on Sukkot, we’re supposed to feed guests in our sukkah’ on Hanukkah, we’re to reserve one of the eight nights to give instead of receive; and on Passover, we welcome the stranger.”

“Charity and working for social justice-Tzedakah and Mitzvot-are not options for Jews. They have the force of articles of faith. They are duties and requirements.”