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The Jewish Marriage Ceremony

It is all about you

The Jewish Wedding

A beautiful, meaningful and truthful reflection of a loving relationship. An opportunity to reflect, and define values, choices, and priorities

The State Marriage License

Getting married requires a license issued by the state

The Evolution of the Jewish Wedding

While the majority of Jewish marriage rituals do emerge from the rabbinic period, some of the basic elements of Jewish marriage are as ancient as the Bible itself.

The Ketubah

The ketubah represents the couple and their love. A daily reminder of the commitment they made to each other on their wedding day

Concluding the Ceremony

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The Recessional

Bride and groom are showered with well wishes, "Mazel Tov," as they and their attendants make their way from the Chuppah up the aisle, once the wedding ceremony is completed.


The newlyweds will retire for a private moment before greeting the assembled at the festive meal.

The Wedding Feast

"It is a mitzvah to gladden a groom and bride, and to dance before the bride, and to declare that she is attractive and performs acts of charity"

Some Creative Ideas

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