Your Wedding, Your Way
May you always be happier than you are on your wedding day
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Your Wedding, Your Way
Sharing one of the most significant moments in life with family and friends
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Your Wedding, Your Way
An opportunity to reflect and define your values and priorities in life
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Your Wedding, Your Way
A reflection of the loving relationship of two people and the family you are going to build together
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Your Wedding, Your Way
Creating a powerful, transformative bond reflecting everything that you hope to engender in your long married life
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Traditional Ceremonies

The most elaborated ceremony in Judaism

What's included

Over the course of fifteen hundred years, Jewish tradition has developed an ornate and sophisticated set of rituals and liturgies for marriage. Reflecting the needs and values of different times and places, traditional Jewish marriage ceremonies offer a rich choice of rituals and customs. We'll discuss those choices and work-out a ceremony that meet your expectatives.

Non-traditional ceremonies

Because customs are not set in stone

What's included

A Jewish wedding ceremony is a beautiful, meaningful and truthful reflection of the loving relationship between two partners. We'll help you to express your hopes, values and life-choices. We'll discuss the readings and music, the clothing worn, the rituals you will perform – all to create an event that honors each partner as an individual, and the life both of you are about to begin as a couple.

Alt Ceremonies

Your wedding, your ceremony

What's included

Whatever ritual you may choose to get married, the purpose of being under the huppah is to look at each other in the eyes and feel that that you have a ritual that represents all that you wish to be together

special locations

A Jewish wedding can be performed anywhere

What's included

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We are here to help you seize the moment

seizing the moment

Some moments in life are more meaningful than others. They require to be shared with family and friends in a special atmosphere. A ceremony that expresses invisible links, secret hopes, uncontainable joy and deep gratitude is what the Jewish wedding is designed to do.

Let’s Make Your Ceremony Special

Marriage in 21st century Judaism is a sublime promise between two human beings in love with each other.

Matrimony initiates not a mere change of lifestyle, but an opening into a dimension of existence that is incomparable to any other. Each spouse becomes acutely aware of the other’s wants and their role as a couple.

The promise to be sensitive to the other’s needs as one would be to one’s own; the opening of trust that allows for shared intimacy; and,  the understanding that marriage is far from being solely a private affair, opens a new world guided by a principle that Judaism calls “hesed.”

The untranslatable word “hesed” encapsulates all those interpersonal character qualities that Judaism considers to be the highest in life: Love, respect, care, trust, loyalty.

Whereas in the past Jewish weddings were rituals sealing a legal transaction, in the 21st century the Jewish marriage ceremony is designed to express a couple’s inner feelings,  their highest values and deepest hopes.

The Jewish wedding ceremony is a joyous and transcendental experience that calls for anticipation, awe and reverence.

The Huppah

One of the most visible symbols of the Jewish wedding

The House of Promises, the Home of Hope

It symbolizes the home that the newlyweds will establish together

The Ceremony

A mix of symbols, customs, and liturgical elements.


The dominant liturgical form is the "berkha" (blessing), the quintessential form of expressing gratitude in Judaism.

The Processional

Accompanying the bride and groom to the huppah is a honor and a privilege

Family and Friends

The members of the processional will form the huppah walls, symbolizing the warmth the couple is surrounded with

The Ketubbah

A recorded declaration of love

A Declaration of Love

A documented declaration of love attested by the very public signature of two witnesses

Consult with us

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We will be honored to helping you to plan your wedding, answer your questions and even perform the ceremony.

We are a not for profit-charitable organization and we do not charge for perfoming mitzvot

Marrying in the 21st Century

Osher. We are here to assist you on all your wedding needs

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