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“It’s Mayday for The Jewish People”

Ronald S. Lauder President, World Jewish Congress 25 Jul 2023

Israel faces an unprecedented internal threat comprising three dimensions. The judicial reform instigated by Justice Minister Yariv Levin, which has received a passing vote in the Knesset, heightening the tension, is perceived by the Right as essential and by the Left as an assault on Israel’s liberal democracy. The coalition’s dependence on Ultra-Orthodox and Ultra-Nationalist parties hinders Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from implementing his moderate-conservative worldview. And the internal fissure alienates Israel’s tribes from one another and accelerates the discord between them.

Israel is an exceptional, great nation. The founding of the Jewish state after the Holocaust and its spectacular success over the last 75 years make it a true human-made miracle. But now Israel is in jeopardy. The unprecedented events of 2023 are eroding the social compact and endangering national security.

There is only one way to overcome this multi-dimensional existential crisis: national unity. Just as Israelis joined hands on the eve of the 1967 war, they must join hands now.

And there are only three men who can bring about this unity: Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz. On their shoulders, these three leaders bear an historic responsibility. Therefore, they must sit down together again immediately despite this vote to discuss frankly the nation’s alarming predicament. And they must overcome personal interests and political differences so they can form a strong and stable emergency government.

"What is happening right now in Israel is not a fleeting political struggle, but a decisive event that will shape Jewish history"