Sephardic Community of Uruguay

April 15, 1974


M. Pichon

Santiago, Chile

Of my highestion consideration and appreciation


You will be surprised by these lines from someone who has never had any contact with you, neither in the personal nor epistolary order.

However, circumstances have brought me to know about the important work in favor of the Sephardic Community of Chile, and in a special way its fruitful and positive relations with the second and third generations, as well as the youngest elements of the Sephardic community,

The innumerable accolades expressed to you and your work have prompted me in my personal capacity and as secretary-general of the Israelite Sephardic community of Uruguay- to initiate this correspondence.


We are looking for a rabbi like you, with a language accessible to the new times. Undoubtedly you will know someone with your same characteristics, with your vocation and with your youth allowing us to plan work like the one you are developing in Chile…

Victor Mamon Ganon-Secretary