The website of Rabbi Moshe Pitchon

21st Century Judaism.com is a project launched by Rabbi Moshe Pitchon, based upon the understanding that it is impossible to face the realities and challenges facing Judaism in the 21st century with thinking models cast centuries ago.

21st Century Judaism is the view that Judaism today is not the medieval understanding of Judaism that, one way or the other still serves as the model of all current forms of Judaism.

Judaism is a system of accumulative wisdom, where the keywords are “accumulative” and “wisdom"

Judaism is what Jews do

jewish values

To be a Jew is framing one’s life within the bounds of  Jewish values

The experiences Jews accumulated in their path through history led to the development of these values.

Behind ideologies and forms of worship, a young Biblical princess clearly defines Judaism as “Such a thing is not done in Israel” (2 Sam. 13: 12). Judaism is about what Jews do and don’t do.

Successful responses

Successful responses to the perennial challenges to human existence are preserved through thinking patterns, emotional responses, and behavioral 

practices that may well explain much of Judaism’s longevity.

Judaism purpose

What validates Judaism’s existence is its contribution to how people comprehend their lives and the world in which they live.

What is judaism?

Judaism is what emerges when the thousands of years of collective Jewish experience are distilled and applied.